For faster gold delivery, please contact our customer support via live chat after purchase. Live Chat is located at right hand side of the page under "24hr Live Chat". Please click on the Live Chat icon to start.

Estimated Deliver Time:

Less than 1 hour

Beware of those in game who claims to be from our website and ask to return the Gold. We never ask our customer to return gold in game. Please talk to us through live chat to confirm the character first.

Face to face trade is impossible after Jan. 2nd 2008. As the result, we have developed a new trading method, which we can still deliver gold into your account. Deivery time is between 30 minutes to 1 hour depends on the ordering amount and your account status. Before you place an order please make sure you can do the following.

Your account has to be a Runescape member account. If you don't have a member account, you may want to consider our Gold Farming Service, which can be used by both member and non-members.

For security purposes, you may set recovery option in your account. (This step is optional).

Contact our customer support VIA live chat. Please provide us with your account username, password and bank pin, so we can log into your account and transfer gold from our inventory.

You can either stay on Live Chat or our customer support will notify you when delivery is finished. For liability purposes, we will take a screen shot of your account before and after delivery. After you verified the delivery, please change your password.

Rrunescape trading
Considering the update in RS,we provide a new way to deliver RS gold for you. Instant 20mins - 1hour! 1. Please provide your account name and password when you place an RS gold order, then we can login your account to get gold for you. make sure your recoveries set already! 2. Delivery time depends on the amount of gold you ordereds. 3. Important! Contact our live support when you sent payment.

GW Holiday Commercial
Keep an eye on the television and you might glimpse some Guild Wars holiday cheer! For the next few weeks, GameStop is running a special holiday commercial on many major cable stations featuring popular Eye of the North Heroes.

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